McClain’s Coffee House in beautiful Fullerton, CA. has been around for some time and has turned into an art space as well. What to find at McClain’s? Funny people, sick humor, Food and a bathroom with a shower. The shower has been painted to resemble the moon and a wonderful waterfall into a lagoon in Kauai. The artist was my friend time. So when sitting on the throne you will feel like you are in the tropics. There is a gap between the bottom of door and the floor. Long ago Dave and I would insert fart bombs under the door for a wonderful surprise to the latest throne holder. One thing I need to mention is remember to lock the door. People seem to not lock the door at this establishment and get a surprise while on the throne or opening the door. Remember LOCK DOOR! Now the toilet itself I am not a fan. The water pressure is there but the toilet sits too high. I think it’s one of those old people tall toilets like at my grandparent’s house. The issue is I cannot have enough of that dumpage arch that I require for poop slippage. So bad toilet great ambiance.