The Olde Ship in Fullerton, CA. was amazing last night the food of choice was the Cottage Pie. The beverage was Guinness and a Jameson. This was a combination of gassy and poopy levels that I have not felt in a long time. After the meal and drinks something was a brewin. It was time to use the restroom. Seems there was a line due to the British trivia night. I was on the verge of collapsing. Finally! My turn was finally here. I sit on the thrown and let it loose. The seat was very comfy and was at the perfect height. The toilet paper was a nice 2 ply. I get up to flush and to see my work of art and noticed 2 buttons to push one was a circle with half being black and the other just a circle. Which one should I push? Turns out those are the new eco friendly toilets and the half blacked out circle was for a smaller dump. Wild. I would recommend this place to everyone. What a welcoming throne!