Today we went to 1739 N. Vermont today and watched some wonderful football.
Dave and I ate a 1739 burger which had some onions and washed the burger down with a few beers.

I tell you the place was packed and people going nuts.

I’m not big on the football so I was more interested in the bathroom experience.
The room was nice and I did not have a poo like I was wanting.
I took a pee and this was a weird experience. the urinal was really tall. I’m 6 foot 2 inches and was amazed ow high the pisser was. Well that’s my review.


Hi Dave here,

This urinal was made for Andre the Giant and my balls were resting on the cold porcelain . The water was cold and deep.
The good news is Raiders are #1 in AFC West now! Woo! Woop!!!