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When sitting on the throne of glory I felt like I took a trip back into time. A simpler time in Ireland where the corn beef and cabbage looks as good coming out as it did going in. The luck of the Irish was upon me as I laid a turd the size of a leprechaun, but without the green. It actually came out looking more like Gary Coleman (R.I.P.) Muldoons bathroom was an overall wonderful experience. The only complaint we will add is there might be a little Gary on your hands due to operation complications with the faucet. Whachoo talkin about Willis?

Lou at the Louvre

With all of this art work around, it was time to create my own Picasso. The toilets were a bit messy, which I was upset with. Due to the amount of others creating their own masterpiece it made my poop a bit like a Monet. Excellent from a far but ugly up close. If I was you, I’d pinch it off and save your poop for museum D’Orsay.

The winery had hosted some fine art from the artist Wyland who stopped by a few times to sign bottles. After a few tastings it was time for a review. The bathrooms décor was straight out of Jack’s Bestro. The toilet looked normal. I only had to pee. Mr. Angeleno might not have approved of that.

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